Since version 0.0.18 Gretty supports multiple web-apps feature: it can start arbitrary number of web-apps on the same servlet-container. Gretty supports web-apps of various types: gradle projects, WAR-files in the file system and even WAR-files from maven dependencies.

Multiple web-apps feature works out-of-the-box in configureless mode, although it is fully configurable/customizable.

Multiple web-apps feature also works nicely with integration tests and with the debugger.

The central concept of Multiple web-apps feature is farm - a collection of web-apps, that should run together.

There are two ways to define and use farms:

  • Default farm is automatically created for you by Gretty. You may add artbitrary web-apps to it and then invoke farm-specific tasks: farmRun, farmRunDebug, etc. Note that farm-specific tasks are not using gretty tasks (appRun, appRunDebug, etc.).

  • Named farms, which you create yourself in gradle script. You can add as many named farms as you want, and you can add web-apps to farms in arbitrary constellations. Each named farm provides a specific set of farm tasks. For example, if you define farm with name "XYZ", there will be new tasks farmRunXYZ, farmRunDebugXYZ, etc. available.

You can start using multiple web-apps support right away. Take Multiple web apps configureless setup as a starting point.