farmStartWar starts farm web-apps as WAR-files.


gradle farmStartWar


  1. By default each farm web-app is compiled and assembled into WAR-file (if it’s not up-to-date).

  2. If farm configuration overrides inplace property for some web-apps to true, then each of these web-apps gets compiled without creating WAR-file (if it’s not up-to-date).

  3. Embedded servlet-container starts in separate java process against WAR-files (and, optionally, against compiled classes and their dependencies) and listens for HTTP-requests on port (default 8080).

  4. Gretty waits for servlet-container process to complete.

  5. Gradle script continues normal execution of tasks.

this task does not stop Jetty. It is assumed that another gradle process stops it, supposedly gradle farmStop.