farmStart starts farm web-apps inplace.


gradle farmStart


  1. Each farm web-app gets compiled (if it’s not up-to-date).

  2. If farm configuration overrides inplace property for some web-apps to false, then each of these web-apps is assembled into WAR-file (if it’s not up-to-date).

  3. Embedded servlet-container starts in separate java process against compiled classes and their dependencies (and, optionally, against WAR-files) and listens for HTTP-requests on port (default 8080).

  4. Gretty waits for servlet-container process to complete.

  5. Gradle script continues normal execution of tasks.

by default this task does not depend on any "war" tasks. It’s only when you override inplace property to false are some projects compiled to WAR-files and farmRun depends on respective "war" tasks.
this task does not stop Jetty. It is assumed that another gradle process stops it, supposedly gradle farmStop.